Can you do other animals?

Yes! We can print any animal onto our canvases. Our team of artists are awesome and can work with any animal.

Can you do humans?

We can, but let's be honest, pets are so much cuter.

Is my photo good enough?

We sure hope so! If you followed our photo guidelines then you shouldn't have anything to worry about:

-  Use a photo that is eye level with your pet. 

-  Photos where the pets are looking toward camera, but not directly at it always make the best portraits.  

-  In order to capture your pet's marvelous features, it's best to use a closeup that shows their full face. 

-  DO NOT upload blurry photos. This makes it difficult for your artist to effectively capture your pet's awesomeness. 

-  Lighting that feels natural and bright like outdoor daylight always results in the best photos. Stay away from dark lighting.

What if there is stuff in the background of my photo?

Not to worry. This shouldn't matter. No need to obsess over it too much. If there is an issue our creative team contact your directly in order to make sure we have the best photo possible.

Can I see the finished product before it gets printed?

Due to the large popularity of, we do not send proofs before printing. Don't be worried though, our artists are extremely talented and specialize in pet art for If you don't like the print, contact us via email and we'll find a way to resolve the issue ASAP!

Can I change my order?

You can change your order up to 24 hrs after purchase. If the order is older than 24 hours, we can't guarantee that we can change it.

 Can you add/remove things for me?

Unfortunately, we can't offer to add any customizations or extras to your chosen portrait. However, we can sometimes edit out red-eyes, tears, sleepy eyes, and drool if you ask, but we can not guarantee it.

We CAN NOT make major alterations to the image such as opening a closed mouth or adding floppy ears.

Can you change the background color?

Yes! You can choose from any background color that is available for each portrait. The colors are designed to complement the artwork. 

Please note, we CAN NOT add any other colors outside of the pre-designed selection.

What is the best canvas size for the standard living room or office?

Though all of our canvas sizes look amazing in any room, most of our customers purchase a "8x10" which is a great sized canvas that hangs well in any kind of space.

Can you print multiple pets on one canvas?

Unfortunately we can't at this time. Our team of artists are designing some options to be released in the future. If you'd like to be notified of when they are available please sign up for our mailing list below.