GamerPets.com is a geek-centric custom pet brand dedicated to transforming your cuddle-some pets into the video game characters we all fanboy over. Being a group of fanatic gamers and pet lovers ourselves, we've spent a great deal of time designing iconic video game characters and combining them with your lovable fur-babies in the effort to bring a little nostalgia, some pawesome memories, and a good hardy laugh into your home. 

 Once you upload a picture, our team of video game artist will do the rest. These guys are good. Really good. You have the tough part... Waiting. Each GamerPet pawtrait is thoughtfully created by one of our professional video game artists who'll take time in capturing the essence of your pet and the spirit of your favorite character into an amazing work of art. 

 When the wait is over and you see your cuddle buddy hanging on the wall, we hope you are taken back to that first game you played and overwhelmed with a feeling of something unique to every gamer and pet owner who purchases from us. 

 GamerPets.com is the passion project of a group of video game developers and avid players who thought it would be wicked awesome to see our furry ones as the characters we've spent so much time with.